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Caring for the future

«In modern world, in order to achieve a better future, we are challenged to conduct and promote the principles of socially and environmentally responsible business»
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Now the limelight is shifting from mere growth to long-term values
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MKB's sustainable development history
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Key ESG Events
Gifts must be useful!
Winter holiday season is coming – time to think hard what gifts to buy. Wouldn’t it be cool to find useful ones? Well, MKB has some ideas how to do this!
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Joint project of MKB and WWF Russia to conserve nectar-producing forests in the tiger's range
This year, with MKB's support, WWF Russia launched a project to conserve nectar-producing forests in the tiger range in collaboration with the Primorsky Krai Beekeepers' Union and three model hunting ranches.
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MKB in the Earth Hour
MKB, as a general partner of the global ecological event «The Earth Hour», ran an awareness campaign through social networks.
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TrashBack, environmental fintech project
In November 2020, MKB launched a joint promotion with Trashback, an environmental project seeking to increase the recycled portion of MSW and motivate people to be environmentally friendly.
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Chance programme (jointly with the Arifmetika Dobra charity)
In 2020, MKB and the Arifmetika Dobra charity launched a new stage of the social educational project Chance for children living in orphanages throughout Russia.
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Cooperation with the Arifmetika Dobra charity
In 2020, MKB decided to go for a joint project with the Foundation, allowing 100 teenagers each year to benefit from the educational programme "Chance". The knowledge given in orphanages is rarely enough to get access to higher education.
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Guardianship of an Amur leopard at Moscow Zoo
MKB signed a partnership agreement with the Moscow Zoological Park, whereby MKB undertakes to cover the subsistence of the Amur leopard.
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Conservation of saiga
MKB provided financial support for the overall coordination of work, manual interpretation of the obtained photographs (about 10 thousand pieces), data analysis and development of a methodology for winter saiga census.
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