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Mission and values

Our mission

To be a bank for people: utilise our financial capabilities and expertise to the benefit of our employees, customers, shareholders and the entire society.

Our values

Customers are our main asset

  • We are a reliable partner for our customers, we build our relationships with them on respect and trust, and always stay true to our commitments
  • We care for our customers and only offer them genuinely beneficial products and services
  • We always find ways to address our customers’ needs, go beyond formal duties and constantly develop, drawing from the feedback about us and our services

We are one team

  • The company’s interests and goals are above individual ambitions
  • Cooperation and mutual aid enable us to achieve our goals
  • Our relationships are built on the principles of openness and respect to our colleagues’ professional expertise and opinion

We value

  • Sincerity
  • Integrity
  • Commitment