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MKB is the leading non-state publicly traded Russian bank designated as a systemically important banking institution (SIFI) with equity of RUB 358 bln and total assets of RUB 4.8 tn as at 31 March 2024

MKB operates a well-established diversified universal franchise with a strong footprint in the corporate segment and growing presence in retail banking. The Bank’s client-centric business model provides sustainably high through-the-cycle profitability with a moderate risk profile.

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The Bank is publicly traded on Moscow Exchange since June 2015 with a free-float of 22%. MKB shares are included in MOEX Russia Index, RTS Index.

MKB is fully compliant with best international corporate governance practices and has successful track record in raising capital from reputable institutional investors including EBRD and IFC.

№6 – Russian banks by assets as at 1 January 2024
№9 – Russian banks by core capital as at 1 January 2024
№6 - Russian banks by loans to corporate customers as at 1 January 2024
№16 - Russian banks by loans to individuals as at 1 January 2024
№6 - Russian banks by corporate deposits as at 1 January 2024
№10 - Russian banks by individual deposits as at 1 January 2024
#9 – Russian banks by individual deposits as at 1 February 2022
#1 Bank in International Factoring (9m2023)
Top- 6 Bank in Private Banking 2023
Top-7 among arrangers in Russia, excl. own issues (12m2023)
Capital Market Transactions
USD 350mn
September 2021
Subordinated Perpetual Tier 1 Eurobond
7.625% coupon
USD 500mn
September 2021
Senior Unsecured Eurobond
3.875% coupon
due in 2026
RUB 22.68bn
May 2021
Secondary Public Offering
EUR 600mn
January 2021
Senior Unsecured Eurobond
3.1% coupon
due in 2026
USD 600mn
January 2020
Senior Unsecured Eurobond
4.7% coupon
due in 2025
RUB 14.7bn
November 2019
Secondary Public Offering
USD 500mn
March 2019
Senior Unsecured Eurobond
7.121% coupon
due in 2024
EUR 500mn
February 2019
Senior Unsecured Eurobond
5.15% coupon
due in 2024
USD 500mn
February 2018
Senior Unsecured Eurobond
5.55% coupon
due in 2023
RUB 14.4bn
October 2017
Secondary Public Offering
USD 700mn
May 2017
Subordinated Perpetual Tier I Eurobond
8.875% coupon
USD 600mn
April 2017
Subordinated Tier II Eurobond
7.5% coupon
due in 2027
USD 500mn
October 2016
Senior Unsecured Eurobond
5.875% coupon
due in 2021
RUB 16.5bn
December 2015
Secondary Public Offering
RUB 13.2bn
July 2015
Initial Public Offering
RUB 5bn
November 2014
Tier II Eurobond
16.5% coupon
due in 2025
USD 500mn
May 2013
Tier II Eurobond
8.70% coupon
due in 2018
USD 500mn
February 2013
Senior Unsecured
7.70% coupon
due in 2018
USD 200mn
August 2011
Senior Unsecured
8.25% coupon due in 2014
USD 100mn
October 2006
Senior Unsecured
10.25% coupon due in 2009
2023 (December):
The Bank of Russia registered 5 issues of replacement bonds by MKB
2023 (March):
MKB is included in MOEX Index — RAEX ESG balanced
2021 (September):
MKB is named sustainable bank of the year in Russia
2021 (May):
RUB 22.68 bln SPO on Moscow Exchange at RUB 6.3 per share
2021 (March):
Acquisition of AMC MKB Investments
2021 (March):
Acquisition of Koltso Urala
2021 (February):
MKB’s shares are included in FTSE Global Equity Index Series
2020 (May):
Acquisition of Vesta Bank and Rusnarbank
2020 (April):
"Best bank for investor relations" in Russia
2019 (October):
First Russian bank to get an ESG rating
2019 (July):
First GRI standards-based sustainability report
2019 (June):
First dividend payment
2018 (July):
Geographical coverage expanded to 16 regions of Russia
Launch of the Investment Banking Business
2017 (October):
RUB 14.4 bln SPO on Moscow Exchange at RUB 4.5 per share
2017 (April):
Debut USD 700 mln perpetual Tier 1 subordinated Eurobond issue
2017 (March):
USD 600 mln 7.5% subordinated Eurobond issue, MKB’s biggest international capital market transaction
2017 (September):
Designation as a systemically important credit institution by CBR
2016 (August):
Acquisition of SKS Bank
2015 (December):
RUB 16.5 bln SPO on Moscow Exchange at RUB 3.67 per share
2015 (November):
Acquisition of NCO “INKAKHRAN”
2015 (June):
RUB 13.2 bln IPO on Moscow Exchange at RUB 3.62 per share
2012 (July):
EBRD and IFC became shareholders
2008 (October):
Foreign independent directors joined MKB’s Supervisory Board
2006 (October):
First issue of senior USD 100 mln 10.25% Eurobonds
Membership in the Deposit Insurance System
Roman Avdeev acquired MKB