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Letter from issuer to Noteholder on replacement of trustee (CBOM-24 USD)

Dated ___ July 2023

Re: Appointment of the new trustee under the U.S.$500,000,000 7.121 per cent. Loan Participation Notes due 2024 issued by, but with limited recourse to, the Issuer for the sole purpose of financing a corresponding loan to the Borrower (ISIN: XS1964558339 (Regulation S) / US12504PAG54 (Rule 144A) (the "Notes")

Dear Noteholders,

  1. 1. We refer to the trust deed dated 25 March 2019 between Citibank, N.A., London branch as trustee (the "Original Trustee") and the Issuer in relation to the Notes (the "Trust Deed").
  2. 2. The capitalised terms used herein shall have the meaning ascribed to those terms in the Trust Deed, unless otherwise stated in this notice.
  3. 3. We hereby inform you that an Extraordinary Resolution (the "Designated Extraordinary Resolution") has been passed at the adjourned meeting of the Noteholders convened by the Borrower and held at 1.00 p.m. (London time) on 6 July 2023. Pursuant to the Designated Extraordinary Resolution, amongst other things, each of the Issuer and the Borrower has been authorised and given power by the Noteholders to appoint the New Trustee as trustee with respect to the Notes and to enter with the New Trustee into the deed of appointment to give effect to such appointment.
  4. 4. The Borrower, the Issuer and the New Trustee executed the deed of appointment on 18 July 2023 (the date of the deed of appointment being the "Effective Date"). Pursuant to the Extraordinary Resolution, the Original Trustee is removed, and the New Trustee is appointed, in each case as trustee with respect to the Notes with effect on and from the Effective Date.
  5. 5. Pursuant to clause 24.1 (Appointment and removal) of the Trust Deed, we as the Issuer hereby notify you as the Noteholders of the appointment of the New Trustee as new trustee with respect to the Notes with effect on and from the Effective Date.
  6. 6. This notice and any non-contractual obligations arising out of or in connection with it are governed by English law.

Yours faithfully,

For and on behalf of the Issuer

CBOM Finance P.l.c.

By: _______________________

Name: Tatsiana Skrabatun

Title: Director