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Payment of coupon and principal amount on Eurobonds CBOM-23 to holders in Russian depositories


Dear investors,

In accordance with the decision of the Bank of Russia Board of Directors dated December 23, 2022 on the establishment of temporary guarantees for the activities of professional participants in the securities market, the scope of their depository activities, and on the procedure for the transfer of legal entities, significant obligations associated with Eurobonds, cash to holders of Eurobonds 1 and the new edition of the Rules for the provision of services by NCO JSC NSD for the provision of information and the organization of the transfer of payments on securities registered in a Foreign Depository 2 dated January 27, 2023, all subsequent payments on CBOM Eurobonds will be made at a time for all holders in Russian depositories, within the time limits established by the prospectus.

To the attention of holders of Eurobonds CBOM Finance plc - 5.55% 14feb2023, USD, CBOM-23, ISIN XS1759801720 (hereinafter referred to as “Eurobonds”, “CBOM-23”), holding their ownership rights through NCO JSC NSD and Russian depositories. Please be informed on the dates of CBOM-2023 payment. February 14, 2023 is the maturity and the last coupon payment date for the CBOM-23. MKB will pay to all noteholders in Russian depositaries (the central depository / other depositories of the Russian Federation) for principal amount together with accrued interest on February 20, 2023.

Fulfillment of payment obligations under Eurobonds remains a priority for MKB. For any additional information, please contact Investor Relations and Capital Markets team: capital_markets@mkb.ru


1 https://www.cbr.ru/about_br/dir/rsd_2022-12-23_34_01

2 https://www.nsd.ru/publications/news/soobshcheniya-klientam/ob-izmenenii-pravil-okazaniya-nko-ao-nrd-uslug-po-predostavleniyu-informatsii-i-organizatsii-peredach-2023-01-26/