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MKB paid coupon on Eurobonds CBOM’26 USD to noteholders in Russian depositories

Please be informed about the status of the 3.875% senior 5-year USD Notes (ISIN –XS2384475930, US12504PAJ93) (CBOM’26 USD) (“the Eurobonds”) coupon payments.

On September 28 2022, MKB (“the Bank”) transferred coupon payments on the Eurobonds to the National Settlement Depository (“the NSD”) in Russian rubles at the CBR exchange rate as of the date of payment in favor of noteholders whose rights in respect of the Eurobonds are recorded by Russian depositories (except the NSD). The funds will be transferred to the holders of securities through the infrastructure of the NSD, bypassing foreign intermediaries.

The payment is made in accordance with the Executive Order dated March 5, 2022 No. 95 “On Temporary Procedures for Meeting Loan Obligations to Certain Foreign Creditors” and the Executive Order dated July 5, 2022 No. 430 “On the Repatriation by Residents Participating in Foreign Economic Activity of Foreign Currency and the Currency of the Russian Federation”. Earlier MKB paid coupons on the above stated Eurobonds in favor of the noteholders whose rights in respect of the Eurobonds are recorded with the National Settlement Depository.

Fulfillment of payment obligations under Eurobonds remains a priority for MKB. For any additional information, please contact Investor Relations and Capital Markets team: capital_markets@mkb.ru.